National Biomedical EPR Center User Groups

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The National Biomedical EPR Center at the Medical College of Wisconsin is one of the largest EPR facilities in the nation. Since its formation, it has taken pride in both technological research and development and in the extensive range of collaborations with investigators from all over the world.

The mission of the Center is to make advanced EPR Research Resources available to investigators nationally, regionally and locally. A grant (P41 EB001980) from the National Institute for Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering provides core support in 5 areas:

  • Collaboration,
  • Technological Research and Development,
  • Service,
  • Training
  • and Dissemination.

In a continuing effort to maximize collaboration potential, the EPR Center has commissioned this website to strengthen our five core support areas by stimulating ideas, providing continuous training and creating communities around specific subjects important in EPR research. This website embodies the mission of the Center.

Within this website we envision a series of user groups, specifically designed for discussion and exchange of information on the particular subject of interest. These user groups are listed below. The leaders of user groups need not be from MCW, and all investigators are invited to consider serving the EPR community by serving as a user-group leader. Inquiries are welcome.

User Groups:
Finite-Element Modeling Group:
The finite-element modeling user group was created to serve as a community help-and-discussion forum for electromagnetic simulation methods and programs.

Spectra Simulation Group:
The Spectra Simulation Group was formed to provide support for anyone with questions about EPR spectra and how to simulate them.